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I’m a Taiwanese Mac/iPhone software developer. Currently I live in Taipei, Taiwan.

I’m the author of TapExpense, a no-frills expense tracker and data collection tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s available at Apple’s iTunes App Store.

In Taiwan I’m known as the founder and major developer of OpenVanilla, an open-source input method toolset. Although no official figures exist, anecdotal evidence suggests that over 50% of Macs shipped in Taiwan since 2005 have OpenVanilla installed in them. People love OpenVanilla over Apple’s own built-in Traditional Chinese input methods. Another popular input method toolset made by Yahoo! Taiwan, Yahoo! KeyKey is becoming popular among both Mac and Windows users too. It’s also based on OpenVanilla, now a very successful and original open source project.

My native language is Mandarin Chinese. I speak English as a foreign language. I also have working knowledge of German and French.

If I’m not pursuing the idea of becoming a bon vivant, I am running my own software company, Lithoglyph Inc.

I can be reached via email at lukhnos {at} gmail {dot} com. No promise on the reply, but I try to.

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