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Web 2.0 Visual Design, 1928 Style

Web 2.0 Visual Design, 1928 Style

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A poster in 1928. “Büro” means office in German. By Theo H. Ballmer (1902-1965).

Musem of Modern Art, New York City.

Reading Others’ Bio

From Michael Hughes‘s (his Sovernirs set is featured on Flickr Blog):

My first wife left me in 1981, which although painful, led to two very positive developments; I decided to become a

full-time photographer and my weekly migraines disappeared for ever. In 1982 I accidentally went to Berlin met a group

of politically active but thankfully not Trotzkyist, squatters, fell in love and began to build a life there (here).

1983 moved permanently to Berlin. Became involved with the FDGÖ, a politically based media collective,

producing stickers, postcards and latterly a video performance installation based on Samuel Beckett, which toured Germany

and was invited to the “Dokumentarfilmtage” in Leipzig, then DDR in1985. A portrait project which I called “True Stories”,

Black and white photos are combined with a text which synthesises the history or aspirations of the subject,

complementing or contradicting the perceived impression of the photo. The project continued over the next few years,

resulting in an exhibition in Berlin in 1986, and was shown, as part of the European Cultural Capital in Glasgow in 1987.

The Berlin Wall came down while I was working for Stern, I was suffering from a cold and went home,

something for which I was never forgiven.

This one from PPK’s site:

Originally I was educated in ancient history (Greeks and Romans) and as a teacher. I couldn’t find work, though, and although I busied myself for two years with research into ancient Germanic sagas, especially the Thidrekssaga, I wanted to get a real job to earn some real money.

Therefore I switched to the Internet at the tail end of 1997, when I started on a (very bad) course that would make me “Internet Advisor”, whatever that may be. I took the opportunity to delve deeper into the practical issues that confronted anyone who wants to create web sites.

Cherry Coke

Heard Coca Cola continues to make and sell it because Warren Buffet, one of the company’s major shareholders, always drinks it.

This is the first time I find investors can do good things to my life. That doesn’t mean I found they did bad things to me. It’s just what they do had nothing to do with me.

It’s very very hard to have cherry coke in Taiwan. It was on the shelf when I was a middle school student. Then Coca Cola stopped selling it in Taiwan. Years later they have vanilla coke. But even vanilla coke is hard to find lately. And vanilla coke ain’t no substitute for cherry coke.

Now that I think about it, the next version of OpenVanilla should be called OpenCherry. Seriously. I love vanilla coke and vanille ice cream (just don’t force me to say I love another vanilla thing, that’s too preverse). But vanilla ain’t even standing on the same level that cherry is.


Lately I have found that I’m on the slow lane of everything in a fast-paced world. It’s as if my life is running so slowly that it’s become a grande lenteur. I’ve packed and come back to Taipei. There is angst, jitter, doubt, and fear. If it seems that people around have been into something, settled in, on steady progress, together with, my current state of affair (the other meaning is truly unintended) is closer to naught.

I haven’t really written anything, things that just came naturally. Either I stopped listening to them lately, or they stopped coming. I’m not sure which is the case.

Sometimes I try to cheer, not me, the other people. Steadiness is something one can’t feign, and sometimes people find me reliable. But lately I found the foundation upon which I built my house is turning to sand. Maybe it wasn’t a solid rock from the very beginning, but I didn’t know. My awkwardness is starker than ever. I keep falling out of the loop.

This is a very strange feeling. Can be terrible. I’m fine with it so far. The hard part is to say honestly that, “Look, I’m not the one you thought you know.” I tried to shed many things. In the end I still lost my temper, made horrible judgement, wrong decision, unrecoverable mistake. Weakness in personality starts to show its strength in making faux pas. And for “but I thought you had always wanted to be with … ” or “yet didn’t you say or show or express that interest in …”, the answer is yes, but no. Sometimes things came out as A, turned to be B. At least this is what’s happening to me, against me, around me, and inside me.

And I can only be honest about them.

There are dreams and hopes, ideals and convictions. Dreams and hopes are good but they need to be bridged. And bridges are hard to find. There are ends without means. Ideals and convictions are dangerous when they are passionate and blind. They are ends in themselves, and, by their nature, mean in their unforgivingness and relentlessness.

Ars longa, vita brevis. One thing they share in common, they are both difficile.