ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API library available in two versions, one for Objective-C (hence its name) and one for Ruby.

This is a major update, and finally the Objective-C version catches up with its Ruby counterpart (in terms of version number at least).

The most important change of this version is that it now works with Flickr’s new original photo URL scheme. Original photos on Flickr will have different “secrets”, and API consumers need to give an extra parameter (original_format) when they call methods like flickr.photo.search in order to get that piece of information.

Photo URL helpers in ObjectiveFlickr (both ObjC and Ruby) have been updated to reflect that change.

Other changes in the Objective-C version include bug fixes, some deprecations, and updates in the demo code. Whereas for the Ruby version we now have HTTP POST support.

The Objective-C version is available at its Google Code hosting site.

Whereas the Ruby version is available at RubyForge and can be installed by simply using “gem install objectiveflickr”.

And of course, its own blog.

One interesting note for those who try to run the unit tests of the Ruby version: one of the tests actually brakes when trying to ask flickr.test.echo to echo back a string that contains angle brackets (< and >). It turns out that Flickr actually returns sqaure brackets back in this case, and this has only been happening since mid-January. Other than this quirk, everything should work just fine as in all previous versions.