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A couple of veteran Mac developers have come up with the idea of OpenRadar. Anyone who has ever filed a bug to Apple through their bug reporting system (“Radar”) knows its close nature. It’s understandable that you don’t want to disclose your reported bugs on unreleased software from Apple, neither do you want to reveal a bug that has to do with your own unreleased software. So Apple chooses to make it close on fair grounds.

On the other hand, there are situations where you want to make your filing public. I often encounter these two: (1) you have a feature enhance request, but it’s rejected on the ground that it’s a “dup”, but you don’t know if it’s really so, or you want to seek some support from your fellow developers; (2) you want to discuss openly about a bug or a fix which may benefit all.

At any rate this is community spirit at work. It’s amazing to see how Google’s App Engine is used. Will we be seeing a desktop client for that soon, too?

Update: Tim Burks, the person behind the idea, blogs about it in his own words.

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