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TapExpense 2.0.1 Available

TapExpense 2.0.1 is now available on the App Store. This is a minor update but fixes a nagging bug that caused trouble when you tried to add a new category (or currency, group etc.) to a reordered list. This is now fixed.

It’s good to see our app come back to the market after first a hiatus then some long weeks of rewrite. We’re doing well on App Stores Italy and Japan (TapExpense is now in the Finance Top 20 Paid Apps List in both stores), and now in the Top 5 Financial Paid Apps List on App Store Taiwan (it’s actually in the Top 100 Paid Apps, All Categories list, too). Still, software development does not stop there. Unlike a finished book or a recorded music, software is organic in the sense it continues to grow after a release version is pushed out of the door. We’ll continue working on TapExpense to make it better.

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