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It’s there… OpenVanilla 0.7.2 released!

After several months of fine-tuning and some weeks of packaging, OpenVanilla 0.7.2 is finally out of beta. We should have a (functionally) stable release now, although there are still tons of things to be made. Documentation, wiki, support work, spreading the message, and we have to prepare for a list of OV’s “issues” with OS X so that we’re able to discuss with the people at Apple.

OV’s Wiki in English has been slightly updated. On OV’s Wiki in Chinese, you’ll find a more detailed description on what’s new and how to get a copy of the latest release.

A special and big thanks to davidyu. If not for his patience (and also thanks to his elfish PowerBook XD), we wouldn’t have been able to hunt down and fix one of the most mysterious and unreproducible bug that we have ever encountered. Cheers for all!

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