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Going Back Home … Kind of

In six hours I’ll be on the plane back to Taipei. The word “back” is actually not accurate. I was doing my military service one day, and the next day I’d be on the way back to Taipei. No, not back, I had thought then, but simply going to and staying at my parents’. To state and acknowledge such wasn’t the most comfortable experience I had had: that I had, at that time, no “home” of my own.

I won’t say where I’m staying now in Beijing is my home either. It’s a place and a shelter for sure. But I’d rather emphasize that it’s “my apartment in Beijing.” Not my home. Home for me is still way ahead. Don’t know what will be coming yet, but will never give up.

The most important thing in Taipei is to apply for a US visa. I had bad luck when I was in Beijing. The US Ambassy refused my application on the grounds that “the applicant could not prove that he has established a firm standing in Beijing” (or something like that). Hope this time it goes well. In addition to that I still have loads of tasks at hand, but I’ll focus on the coming WWDC and prepare for the code snippets that will be shown to the Apple people there, and there are blogs and wiki’s to update, friends to meet, things to buy or to replace, among other things.

But all in all it’s a sign that I’ll be on the move again. This time a long trip. Godspeed, and may the trip bear its fruit.

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