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ObjectiveFlickr: Refactored, one new example added

The refactor work is now done. I’ve broken lots of things for lots of reasons. But all in all I hope this eventually becomes a production-grade framework, with details such as naming convention being taken minute care of.

Now there is documentation work to do. I’m thinking about using Apple’s own HeaderDoc tools to write the in-the-code documentation, and use the tools to generate HTML document for me.

And I’ve added another example. This is done after Ruby on Rails’ screencast (on how to use RoR to create Flickr public photo search). I have even copied their CSS. Working with WebKit is always fun, and ObjectiveFlickr gives you the power of accessing Flickr method and return data blocks in native Objective-C. Because of limited time, I only wrote a Chinese blog entry on that, but you can always download the latest build or use the source to see for yourself.

I know. The current state is very, very far away from anything “production grade.” Even my blog theme is lacking in that they are totally inadequate for project hosting purposes. I have to work harder on this.


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  1. on 15 Oct 2006 at 7:35 amMathieu Tozer

    I like your blog theme :-)