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Have been experiencing some ennui, fatigue, languor that I haven’t experienced for a long while. Perhaps the more energetic and productive the previous stage was, the stronger and the lower the other phase of the wave becomes.

Lately the fetish has been Twitter.

Gradually understood the notion of “being lost”. You don’t have to be disoriented to be lost. One can still be lost when he or she is there. It’s a inner-state, inter-state, and intra-state thing.

My room is a mess and so is the surrounding. Lately I often think about what Moby comments on his Hotel. Namely, hotel is a metaphor to the world we live in. We come and go, but the hotel room will be made again and still anew, as if no one has come before.

Responsibility has its weight and is never weightless even if you’re roaming (mentally) in a lethargic space.

“There is no way out for the time being.” I thought to myself. But hey. Should it be rather: “There is no way out for the time being being”, “There is no way out for the time being being“, “There is no way out for the time being been”, or “There is no way out for the time being been“.

Honestly, I don’t know.

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