Lukhnos Liu

Hi there. I'm a software engineer.

Open Source Projects

Here are some projects in which I am participating:

  • Refactorial. A Clang-based refactoring tool.
  • DoubleShot. A CoffeeScript dialect with cross-platform concurrency primitives.
  • ObjectiveFlickr. A popular Objective-C Flickr API library framework.

I'm also a contributor to OpenVanilla and McBopomofo, two popular input method projects.

Past Projects at Lithoglyph

I ran a small company called Lithoglyph in Taipei from 2007 to 2010. The company had helped KKBOX, a popular online music service in Taiwan and Japan, develop their Mac and iOS apps. We also developed software for Yahoo! Taiwan and other clients. You can read more about those previous projects here.


Contact Info

It's lukhnos at {the address you're visiting}. Here's my GPG key.

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